About Positively Charmed Bracelets & Jewels

Thought we start a blog linked to our positively charmed bracelets and jewels as there is more to just buying or wearing  a crystal bracelet as it’s about energy, what makes you feel good and definitely the healing properties of the crystals chosen.

We had the thought of starting our own shop making bracelets and other jewels in the longest time and was very good in making gifts or advising others where to buy crystal bracelets from and where not to!  Then I thought why am I giving other people business?

It wasn’t until just a few years ago at our summer beach house one of my nieces started to show interest in the crystal bracelets I was wearing.  She decided to wear the amethyst bracelet for awhile to see if she felt different, as I explained how they helped me.

Later on she mentioned that she felt “happy” and from then on we called them lovingly the happy bracelets.   We did want to name our business “happy bracelets’ but that name was taken.   Together with my niece we created our business of ‘positively charmed bracelets and jewels!

Whether you believe that crystals or not can heal and help you, is your prerogative, but they do have healing properties, just do your own research!

For me they are essential to my everyday,  as many years ago I experienced major panic attacks and anxiety, that I couldn’t even leave the house and felt such paralysis.

I was one of those people that googled the crazy out of panic attack, anxiety, traditional medicines and alternative.   Crystals helped and especially large clusters placed around my house helped but the crystals I wore the most  like Amethyst and hematite, created a calmness in me.

So we hope you love our blog, as we will tell you about crystals, the magic of the moon in energising the crystals, etc


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