Amethyst Positively Charmed Bracelet

Amethyst would have to be one of our favourite crystals.  We even have a large crystal cave in our bedroom which just emits positive energy.amethyst cave

The Amethyst cave is about 50cm high and 30cm wide – as a rough estimate.  Its definitely beautiful and one of my favourite pieces and just creates a magnitude of calmness because of it’s size!  However just having lots of crystals placed around the house would have the same effect.  Today we are just focusing on Amethyst.

It’s an amazing crystal.  Beautiful not only to look at, but to hold or wear – Amethyst emits ‘happy’ and positive energy.  It’s one of the most calming crystals too.

We have quite a few choices of crystal bracelets made with amethyst.  Image below shows the amethyst bling & glamour

You can’t have a crystal bracelet shop without having Amethyst in the collection. If you are only going to buy one crystal or crystal bracelet, make sure it’s Amethyst.

For us Amethyst represents the 3rd eye in the Chakra , which is just above your brow.  Helps with intuition, inner knowing, inspiration and finding your purpose.

Amethyst is the colour purple which is one of our favourite colours.

Having Amethyst in your bedroom helps you sleep – one of the reasons I have a large Amethyst cave in there.    It’s also highly protective of the person wearing it or near.

More than anything the Amethyst crystal helps quieten the mind, so if you have a noisy one and one that can’t switch off as thinking about all the things you need  to do or didn’t do, I would definitely recommend Amethyst in your collection.

Amethyst is excellent in clearing sadness in your space, cleanse negative energy, dissolve anger, fear and anxiety.

When I had chronic anxiety many years ago, that led to major panic attacks, I wore Amethyst always.  Today I still wear Amethyst in general and especially when I’m feeling anxious or frustrated.

We cleanse our crystals regularly and I will post something soon on the how to .  In the meantime, we would like to introduce our beautiful Amethyst that you can buy either with or without spacers between the crystals.


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