Soul Sisters – Moonstone & Hematite

This Positively Charmed Bracelet is called Soul sisters as there is a knowing between the crystals and unspoken to wavelengths we all know except to some!! Vibrates to the feminine energies, balancing hormones, enhances intuition while feeling balanced & protected, while brave to be more and feeling enough!

Soul sisters was created with the yin and yang in mind. It’s becoming quite a favourite.  Moonstone and Hematite in Soul Sisters, together heighten the feminine energies, while staying grounded. Enhancing intuition, provide protection and staying calm.   Much like the relationship between my sister and me.

Here is more too of each crystal’s meaning

Moonstone has amazing shades and often looks like a rainbow because of the light on it.  Comes in different shades of white that glow.

This beautiful crystal has a powerful vibration that can heighten your psychic abilities. Its an incredible crystal especially for women as helps them recognise and embrace their innate personal power.  You feel joy when wearing this amazing crystal.

Hematite has a strong grounding and balancing energy while helping the mind.

Hematite has a highly protective energy and can help with courage.  Who doesn’t need more of this?

I love hematite too as helps with self-confidence, power and self-esteem.

At the same time this amazing crystal has a strong ability to help you feel grounded.

So as you can see why I combined these amazing stones to create Soul Sisters.

You can buy Soul Sisters and many other bracelets we have created in our store


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