Cleansing & programming your crystal bracelets or other jewels

Thought we chat about cleansing crystals as I’ve had many chats with people and wanted to talk about it today, to help you.
Before you even receive your crystal bracelet or other crystals, they are cleansed by me under the magic of the moon either full moon or new moon.
They are also placed on the window sill to get the sun as the sun is just as powerful as the moon. I also often place on the clusters of crystals I have – amethyst, clear quartz or green obsidian as they cleanse, program and energise. What I then do is create the item ordered for you. Each combination has a special name.
When you then receive the bracelet you can then do the intentions for each bracelet or jewel asking it to help you with whatever you need and why you were drawn to it in the first place – and not just the colour. I would highly recommend you to read heaps about the crystals as much as you can. I have brief information on our website about each crystal and then there is heaps more on google. I chose not to repeat what is there as down the track Ill provide more information.
We have how to cleanse and program the crystals via the moon on website.  This is basically all you have to do and you don’t need to repeat this every month either as the crystals are energy. They start working and start changing to work with you.
Crystals should never be placed under water to cleanse. It’s not necessary and highly not recommended. If you feel that you need your crystals re-energised – just put on the window sill in the sun for few hours or on a crystal cluster. This is all I do myself.
There are a few types of crystals but the ones we have at the moment are quartz like where they are crystal looking, glass, clear etc – Examples are rose quartz, amethyst, moonstone, black agate, blue agate, pink agate and obsidian just to name a few. Then you have other crystals that are more like rock formation, mineral, and porous looking – examples are turquoise, lapis lazuli. Lapis Lazuli is also a combination of various minerals and stones so not just one.
These crystal stones are not recommended to get wet as like a rock can change in colour or formation or even break. These particular crystal stones and mainly the blue if worn on your wrist or ankle during the warmer months and you wear creams or perspire (as we all do) may leave a blueish or greenish tint. Don’t freak out as like I said these crystal stones are porous and if wet – even by perspiration will leave a mark.
They will be fine and you’ll be fine too as we are all one in the end – energy.
I wear all bracelets in all seasons. I don’t use body lotion or hand lotion too when I wear my crystals as even though I use organic creams or natural creams that you can even eat – i won’t mix with the crystals!
I was also asked recently – do I put my crystals under the full moon each month? No, I don’t! They don’t need this unless I feel they need energised. Once every 4 to 6 months is fine.
Buy some clusters too and when you wear a bracelet place it on there afterwards for at least 12 hours and it will be cleansed.
Keep crystals away from the sea waters and pools as salt or chemicals like chlorine can break down the crystal.
Do your research. Learn more about what crystals you have, their healing not only emotionally, spiritually and mentally but physically too.
Remember you can always ask us too.

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