Root Chakra – Muladhara

The Sanskrit name for the base chakra is Muladhara, which means root support, which is why this chakra is often referred to as the root chakra.  Located at the base of the spine, this chakra is the foundation of our entire chakra system and contains patterns passed down from our families – both our bloodline and our soul-line, making this a powerful chakra to connect with.

Without a strong base chakra, our other chakras lack a strong foundation, and so our entire chakra system can be messed up.  By strengthening our base, our other chakras can begin to flow with health, vibrancy and energy, too.

If you lack energy in your base chakra, your strategy for survival may be to separate from your physical body and live in a fantasy world.  By building the energy, strength and health of the base chakra, you will strengthen your survival instincts and enhance your ability to deal with reality.  Many people who are deficient in the energy of this chakra may find they are underweight – chronic disorganisation and a severe lack of boundaries are other side-effects. The opposite can create different challenges.  Security and safety can become over-emphasised, preventing us from moving forward in life, and instead of being able to ‘push through’ we become more stuck.  It can also manifest in extreme feelings of tiredness.  Releasing stuck energy in this chakra can lead to learning how to ‘let go’ and to become more active, more motivated and able to move forward.

One of the most powerful ways of balancing your base chakra is through reconnecting with your physical body using practices such as gentle yoga, massage, and any physical activity.  Just walking or dancing for 5 minutes will help too.

Crystals with the red, brown, or black colour rays are helpful in restoring balance to the Base Chakra.

To balance your root chakra with the chosen crystals (red, brown or black) sit somewhere comfortably.  You don’t need to sit in a yoga pose too, as not the easiest thing to do if you have limited  physical movement.  Do what always feels right for you as well.  Over the years I’ve learned to adapt and more likely adapt teachings around me and not the other way around.

I have the crystals (tumbled stones, clusters or jewellery) sitting on my lap or legs slightly apart and the crystals sitting in between or at the base of my lower back (or placed at the front and back of the lower body).  I then call in the healing energy of those crystals to help.    I often wear black too from the waist down to keep myself grounded as I’m the type that when my chakra is out of balance and I’m in chronic pain – I choose to separate from the physical and live in the fantasy world.

We have a number of crystals in the store that can help with balancing the chakra from the Chakra Balancing Crystal bracelet red agate, garnet, tigers eye, unakite just to name a few.   We can create a custom order just for you too.



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