Rhodanite, Queen of Hearts

Rhodonite empowers one to reach their potential.

Rhodonite is highly known as an emotional healer and for bringing one back to being centred during stressful times. It is considered essential for calming emotional shock, panic and provides grounded support during the process of dealing with painful issues.

Rhodonite has a strong resonance with forgiveness and giving the soul the love it needs to heal. It gently releases self-destructive tendencies, festering resentments and anger, and allows one to see both sides of an issue to reach conciliation. It encourages the love of others, and aligning with the spirituality of the universe to recognize one’s purpose and how one’s gifts and abilities may be used to effect change on Earth

Wearing Rhodonite helps to remove anxiety and or remain centred in challenging situations.

Rhodanite is perfect for alerting one to situations when we meet people or are faced with situations that don’t feel right.  Rhodanite will help with being alert when needed to do something positive about it.

Rhodanite is like a shield to hold back abuses and recognize that revenge and retaliation are self-destructive. In times of danger, it is particularly useful to promote calm and to ameliorate panic

Rhodonite helps to regain balance, both emotionally and physically, after a period of grief or loss, from illness, financial discontent, heartache or intense unhappiness.

Rhodonite is ideal for grounding energy, especially during meditation, enhancing clarity to the messages received. Rhodonite can be used to provide a psychic connection for guidance in fulfilling one’s personal calling and aligning the soul more closely to the higher vibration.

Physically: Rhodonite is also believed to aid in treatments for auto-immune diseases, soothing inflammation of the joints and arthritis, Rhodonite is also believed to aid in treatments for auto-immune diseases, soothing inflammation of the joints and arthritis

Emotionally: Rhodonite is an ideal stone for dealing with and dismissing emotional pain. It clears wounds and scars of the past, releasing abusive and self-destructive behaviours and allows one to see both sides of an issue.

Rhodanite encourages mutual understanding and opens one to forgiveness and reconciliation. It is a wonderful stone for turning back insults and understanding that retaliation and revenge only hurt the self.

Chakras:  Associated with the root chakra and heart chakra

Colours: from soft pink, to deeper colour and soft hues of orange/pink.

Rhodochrosite is the sister stone has veins of deeper reds and blacks.  Choosing which crystal stone to have in the store was based on energy and healing properties and deepness.  Rhodanite even though looks softer feels stronger and its energy vibrates at a deeper place.

Rhodanite is available in the store from tomorrow.

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