The Gray Witches Way

I am a Strega Witch (see below) and I am a practising Gray Witch. A term used, to describe witchcraft as dualistic which means there are opposing sides. For example; light and dark, day and night, yin and yang, masculine and feminine. These dualistic polarities include the polarities of positive and negative as well.

As a Gray Witch, I see myself as both a white witch and dark witch – therefore grey.  I walk between the balance of light and dark. I seek and do no harm, however, will do all to protect those I love, including myself.   My path is guided by truth and karma.

Both good and bad are necessary for balance naturally defined by nature. As a Gray Witch, I look to nature to seek out this balance and harmony.

Karmic law is defined as; action, effect and fate.  Every time we have a thought, speak or act we’re putting energy out into the world that then reflects back to us.  The more positive energy we put out into the world, the more will be brought back into our lives and the same goes for negative energy.

As a Strega Witch (Italian ancestry)  Aradia’s teachings is that there is an after life – that we return to the realm of luna (moon) as the moon waxes, and return to earth as the moon wanes. When we are ready, we pass through the Sun to be made into our new bodies for our return to the Stars. We have the Grigori, who are the Watchers and Guardians over our rites. And the Grimas, who keep the traditions pure and continuing. The Lare are the spirits of our ancestors, whom we worship and call upon for help and aid. Family and tradition are of utmost importance, and this is what gives this Tradition its strength and power.

Beliefs are;

We believe that the Spirit or Source of all things is both masculine and feminine in nature. (Yin/Yang)

We believe that all humans have the divine within themselves, the soul.

We also believe that we are spiritual beings who are temporarily experiencing the lessons in the physical body.

Whatever you believe in or don’t believe, we all have our own journey and karmic lessons.  My journey is to be guided by my spirit and soul to help others while being the best version of me,   My sixth sense, witches way and karmic understanding is how I live and the laws I live by.   As  I said, I do no harm, however, I will protect those I love, including myself.


Lina xx