Magic of the Moon

Before our crystals are made into jewellery, they are cleansed, energised with good intention and magick of the moon.

The moon cycle can give you more energy, positive support than you realise and the following are rituals that we do and share with you so you can add more energy to your jewels and yourself.

When you wear the bracelet or other jewels made, you’ll understand their energy & power not just in the moon cycle but the energy of the crystal itself and its meaning and the meaning for you.

Creating the Space

I always like to set a space where I’m comfortable.  Living with others it’s often hard, so your own bedroom – would work here.

Setting the space –  I light a candle (tea light – as safest) maybe even have a small vase of flowers, some loose crystal beads and a journal notebook and loose pretty paper.  Will often have music playing in the background too.

Remember – You can have more or less or just even a notebook or paper.   It’s all about what feels right to you.

I use these two stages of the moon to start projects, make dreams and wishes or meditate as powerful phases or let go of things that no longer belong in my space.

Our positively charmed crystals before being made into bracelets or other jewel pieces will sit under either the new moon or full moon.

The New Moon

The new moon Is the beginning of a new lunar cycle.  It’s the time we turn our attention to the new, the beginning and fresh start. The stage where we recharge goals or set new ones.

It’s the time where you are ready to set your intentions – make a list of what you want in your life……and don’t forget to dream big.   As you are writing them down, you are committing to your part to make them real.

Examples of what to write is; a goal you’d like to achieve in the next 4 weeks, an intention of being kinder to the self as often without realising we are our worst critic, so instead of saying things like I’m not good enough, I’m fat, I’m too skinny, etc. just stop and think twice.

By writing this down you’ll be more aware.   I also use the new moon to meditate and pray for the world, will then often light a candle and think of ways how I could play my part more in helping.  Whether it be smiling more, doing something for someone else for no reason or helping around the home more.

The Full Moon

The full moon energy is full literally!  Great time to take action on the new moon intentions or a great time to release and let go.  It’s like you step out of the old and into the new.  Often you write down on a piece of paper of what you want to let go of, whether it be fear, shyness, negative thinking, the release of relationships or friendships that no longer are positive, weight gain, pain, etc.   We often burn the intention with the flame over a bowl of water.

Please be careful here not to burn yourself or others.  Do this activity under the full moon or another way to release which I find more beneficial in letting go is that I use water without the fire.  I basically flush away the thing I need to release using the toilet (yes that’s correct). Basically, you tear or cut the piece of paper with what you wrote on it and flush away.

Often it’s about the ritual.  Life is about rituals and often even simple ones that we do without thinking – like which side of the bed we get out of, how we brush our hair, get dressed before or after breakfast.  Without thinking it’s all about ritual.

The moon is about ritual too.   You can choose to do these exercises or not, but whichever way know that your bracelet or other jewel piece before it became a bracelet or necklace sat under the energy of the new moon or full moon as the energy is always positive and then charmed with a happy smiling charm and you can recharge the bracelets or necklace anytime too under the full or new moon, by putting them outside or on a window ledge inside.

(c) 2019. Lina